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June 21st…the longest day the sun is in the sky.

June 21st is the day another sun was born and brightened the sky for 54 years: the birthday of Benazir Bhutto.

I value birthdays. I have great respect for people who can make themselves immortal. Benazir is immortal as a woman and as one who has recreated herself over and again.

Birthdays of immortals are also immortal.

Benazir who was born on the longest day, was killed on the longest night, on December 27th. Darkness began with the darkness.

When river Indus had reached the Umman sea, then the ocean, the skies of Pakistan were dark and misty. The sea was pushing away Benazir with it might. But with its all glamour Indus was saying: “Her time has come. She is dead and can only live in you. Take her away and let her be unforgotten in your coolness.”

So this is not only the story of a strong woman, but also of humanity. 

This is the story of the fight between good and bad that was present from the time of Abel and Cain. The bad used its trickery as always it did and was able to hunt down one of the most courageous and clever women of the world.

Trickery had always overcame wisdom, it did again. Benazir who had returned to Pakistan to carry her people without distinction to a brighter future, was killed by her very own, as the world was watching.

Didn’t Benazir know what would happen? Obviously she did but this is what being brave hearted. Not to step back even if there is death on the road ahead. When whatever would become to her was whispered to her she had passed the point of no return and it would be shame for her to step back. 

Benazir is a good example of how women can be strong and determined when required. She had the awe of the world because of that factor. That was a good reason for me to write the life story of Benazir Bhutto.

But the real reason for me to write the life of Benazir was that I would be able to establish an empathy that I could have with a lot of people of the world. With the push of my father, Benazir was an idol for me throughout my youth. I was born and raised in Turkey, and as a woman, and political figure I had my share of challenges to overcome.

There are some lives you may envy and yearn not to have a similar life. Even if there is death at its end, if you were offered a short life, you might wish to accept it. Because to make a mark in history would be more meaningful than questioning “what am I here for?”  

By writing the book, in a way, for a short time, I felt myself being in the shoes of Benazir who had lived in the same time same period as me. For a time, I tried to feel the misery, happiness, love and fear she had endured. I learned that it was not possible to tell the difficulties of life with words only. 

But I did all I could. With all my sincerity, I tried to reanimate Benazir. I was encouraged more as I wrote and as I wrote more I appreciated her more.

That process gives to the reader a flow of feelings instead of a dry life story of a person. I do not want to simplify all I had tried to tell about Benazir in my book with classic sayings. I will be saying only this :

I first admired Benazir Bhutto as a woman politician, than admired her as a woman and by the time I finished writing the book, I realized that I admired her as a human being. 

Herein lays her immortality.

Yaşar Seyman


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